Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

iconThe global satellite systems of positioning, operating in the differential C-Nav mode are intended for determination of coordinates with high accuracy, practically in every point of the Earth. GNSS receivers of the most authoritative world company Trimble are used in the Caspian Engineering Company. RTK of Trimble system provides centimeter accuracy in real time and can be used in the most various offshore and onshore works

Acoustic and Seismoacoustic Profile Recorders

iconThe Seismoacoustic source of "Bumer" type is designed for works with application of high power and has an additional benefit — change of frequency of a signal due to change of energy of a source of CSP-D. It allows to achieve increase of width of an impulse of a signal not available earlier. The increase of width of an impulse provides more big penetration with quality preservation of a single impulse.

Geotechnical Equipment

iconGeotechnical equipment used by geotechnical engineers to study the structure and shape of earth materials. With our equipment geotechnical engineers perform tasks, trying to determine a safe and practical solution

Drilling Rig

iconThe rig is designed for different research works and drilling operations. It is used for core drilling and drilling of wells on water. Core drilling of high accuracy is provided by use of the fixed kinematic mechanism with a mast of wide section, complete with system of pressing/extraction by means of cylinder with effort of extraction to 100kN


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